Training "Mastering Burp Suite Pro - 100% hands-on"


Burp Suite Pro is the leading tool for auditing Web applications at large. Users are mainly penetration testers, QA people, or advanced developers. Mastering Burp Suite allows users to get the most out of the tool, optimizing time spent. Work will be faster, more effective and more efficient. What's more, advanced techniques allow detection of additional vulnerabilities whether complex or subtle.

Possible targets are classic web applications, of course, but also thin clients, mobile applications, internal networks or complex cloud deployments.

Target audience

The following roles are expected:

  1. Web application penetration testers
  2. QA people and advanced developers (no minimum knowledge required)

Whatever your role, this training will provide beneficial automation skills whether novice or expert:

  1. Novice: a 30 minute pre-sesssion warm-up will set you up for the core training
  2. Expert: been using Burp Suite for years? Never fear! Numerous optional challenges will develop your fu


The training is based on 40+ micro-challenges replicating real-life scenarios:

  1. Complex brute-force, data extraction, custom formats
  1. Thin clients, ACL, cryptography
  1. Anti-CSRF tokens, aggressive disconnection
  1. And more...

Attendees will also learn to measure the quality of their attacks, a crucial skill in real-life engagements. Finally, alternative strategies and techniques will be demonstrated, giving a wider view of available functionalities.

Day 1

Introduction to Burp

  1. GUI, tools, audit workflow, inline help, ...

Proxy module

  1. Scope, filters, sorting, ...

Repeater module

  1. Exploitation of the D-Link DIR-100 backdoor, efficiency tips, ...

Intruder module

  1. Covering every attack type and most payload types

Day 2

Advanced Proxy module

  1. Live modifications, interception and manual analysis, ...

Sequencer module

  1. Token analysis

Advanced Intruder module

  1. Reusing configuration options, non default columns, ...

Authentication and authorization module

  1. Horizontal and vertical privileges escalation

Day 3

Macros and sessions module

  1. Transparent management of anti-CSRF tokens and short sessions

Extensions module

  1. Catalog of public extensions, developing your own, ...

Additional information


Laptop with Wifi connectivity

OS supported by Burp Suite (Mac, Windows, Linux)

Recent JRE (Oracle >= 1.8)

Enough RAM (4 Go)

Latest version of Burp Suite Pro (provided if needed)

Modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, ...)

Text editor (ideally with syntax coloring for Python)

Previous public sessions

2016: Hack In The Box GSEC (Singapore)

2015: Hackfest (CA), HackInParis (FR)

2014: HackInParis (FR), Insomni'hack (CH)

2013: AppSec Security Forum (CH)

What to expect

3 days of hands-on practice!
Less than 10 students per session
Copy of the 40+ challenges
Slidedeck (~350 pages) in paper and PDF
A temporary Pro license
Some Burp Suite goodies
Coffee, tea and other drinks during the day

What NOT to expect

Travel, accomodation and dinners (but assistance can be provided)

A Web penetration testing methodology: the goal is to master the toolbox

Trainer biography

Nicolas Gregoire has more than 15 years of experience in penetration testing and auditing of networks and (mostly Web) applications. A few years ago, he founded Agarri, a small company where he seeks security bugs for customers and for fun. His research has been presented at numerous conferences around the world and he has been publicly thanked by numerous vendors for responsibly disclosing vulnerabilities in their products. He occasionally participates in bug bounties, and earned the highest rewards from Prezi (twice) and Yahoo. He's also a long-time user of Burp Suite (playing with this tool for the last 8 years) and an official PortSwigger training partner.


This training is mostly given privately to security companies, large vendors and internal security teams. Most of these customers do not wish to be named. However, this training (or some shorter versions) were also presented at public events like "Hackfest" (Canada), "Application Security Forum" (Switzerland) and "Hack In Paris" (France). The overall feedback is largely positive, with a satisfaction rate approaching 100%.
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